Woman Traditional Costume of West Nusatenggara Province

Woman Traditional Costume of West Nusatenggara Province

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CD-23-NTBITS–West Nusatenggara is home the Sasak, Bali, Sumbawa, and Bima ethnic groups. This stamp features the costume of the women of Sumbawa.

The women of Sumbawa wear a short-sleeved blouse trimmed with bits of gold metal, a sarong of plaid silk embroi­ered with silver or gold flowers, a metal waistbelt with a large buckle, and a stole. Both the blouse and undergarment are in dark colors. The stole, of ikat weaving, is placed on the left shoulder, with one edge tied by the belt and the other hanging down close to the back of the knee.

The jewelry is rather lavish, including gold necklaces, armbands, rings, long earrings, and stickpins in the hair knot.

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