Woman Traditional Costume of South Sulawesi Province

Woman Traditional Costume of South Sulawesi Province

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CD-21-SULSELITS–South Sulawesi is home to the Makasar or Ujung Pandang, Bugis, Toraja, and Mandar ethnic groups. The woman’s costume on this stamp belongs to the Bugis.

The Bugis women wear the so-called baju bodo (literally “short-sleeved garment”) blouse, a sarong, and a gold belt. The blouse is wide with tightly sewn armholes pushed up slightly to form bulging sleeves. Its color and length indicate the marital and social status of the wearer. Married women, for example, put on longer blouses than girls, princesses wear bright pink blouses, while their nursemaids wear white ones. The sarong is also wide and made of gaily colored silk.

The jewelry is lavish, including gold earrings, necklaces, large stickpins, bracelets, and armbands. They also adorn their heads with flowers.

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