Woman Traditional Costume of Riau Province

Woman Traditional Costume of Riau Province

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CD-05-RIAUITS–Riau is home to many ethnic groups, including the Melayu, Anak Dalam, Sakai, Hutan, Talang Mamak, Bonei, and Laut. They all share a similar traditional costume despite various minor variations.

The Riau women wear a long-sleeved blouse made of satin or silk, called baju panjang, a songket skirt wrapping embellished with gold or silver threads, and a gold belt with a large buckle. The blouse is buttoned with gold pins. The jewelry is lavish, including a metal gold crown of ornamental flowers, a large gold necklace called dokoh and bracelets.

In Riau the songket is woven using a frame loom. Intricate patterns are created by introducing the threads of gold or silver. In every piece of traditional songket there are three main parts of the motif structure of songket, first is the tumpal or Pucuk rebung (shoot bamboo shoots), the second is a flower in the middle, and the third is the lining edge. All three main parts of the songket can have various types of motifs and will differ from one another, but they have a unified whole and are arranged with ornaments.

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