Woman Traditional Costume of Maluku Province

Woman Traditional Costume of Maluku Province

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CD-25-MALUKUITS–Maluku is home to the Ambon, Tanimbar, Kei, Ternate, Rana, Alifuru, Togitil, and Furu-Furu ethnic groups. This stamp depicts the costume of the women of Tanimabar.

The Tanimbar women wear a short-sleeved cotton blouse, called a sankir, and anikat skirt and waistbelt. The blouse, embellished with fringes at the collar and armholes, is colored in red, black, yellow, or white. The skirt is usually brightly colored. The waist belt is adorned with strings of shells.

The jewelry includes moonlike stickpins, gold earrings, gold necklaces, and shell bangles near the elbow.

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