Woman Traditional Costume of Central Sulawesi Province

Woman Traditional Costume of Central Sulawesi Province

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CD-19-SULTENGITS–Central Sulawesi is home to several ethnic groups, including the Toraja, Kaili, Pamona, and Banggai. The woman’s costume depicted on the stamp belongs to the Toraja ethnic group.

Most of the parts of costumes worn by women from Toraja, including the blouse and sarong, are made of bark. The short-sleeved blouse is brightly painted with symbols, the sarong is black or brown. But, the headdress is made of bamboo, and is covered with painted or embroidered bark-cloth. Another kind of headdress is composed of several strings of beads joined together into a band. They also wear a long band of colored cloth to tie over the hips.

The jewelry consists of necklaces of ancient polish stones, seeds, or feathers; and metal bracelets and earrings.

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