Woman Traditional Costume of Aceh Province

Woman Traditional Costume of Aceh Province

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CD-01-ACEHITS–Aceh is home to many ethnic groups, namely, Alas, Tamiang, Simeleu, Kluet and Aneuk Jame. The woman’s costume on this stamp belongs to Aceh.

The Aceh women wear black or red silk blouses with long, fitted sleeves and gold buttons; black silk trousers that stretch to the ankle with gold embroidery; a silk sarong covering or half-covering the trousers; a gold metal belt with a large buckle around the waist; and a scarf placed around the neck, with both ends hanging evenly to the waist.

The jewelry is lavish, including gold anklets, wrist bangles, armbands, necklaces, and stickpins in the chignon.

The sarong is a silk fabricdecorated with gold or silver thread (kain songket). This is held in place by a large gold belt. Adorned on the head is an array of golden flowers, called Bungong Ok and Patam Dho or Kulah Kama. Necklaces cascade from the neck to the waist. The arms are adorned with many bracelets, and the fingers are graced with rings too. Traditionally most of the people of Aceh have worn a sarong, a modest and colorful skirt. In recent years there has been a move towards Islamic dress and now the majority of women wear a head covering with their daily dress. The Acehnese people have Islamic teachings deeply embedded in their daily life. Someone mustlive in accordance with traditional customs and with their religious teachings.

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