Woiram Folktale

Woiram Folktale

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E-112ITS–Once upon a time there lived a farmer named Woiram and his wife Bonadesu in a village called Merem in South Papua.  Although he already had a beautiful wife, Woiram didnot want to have any children in his marriage.

However, after ten years of his marriage, he changed his mind. He prayed to the Almighty God, begging for a child and fortunately his prayer was answered.

Several days later, Woiram accidentally found a baby crying in a barrel where he had previously shed some drops of blood of his finger wound. He named the baby Woiwallytmang. Being afraid of his wife accusing him of having a baby from another woman, Woiram brought up the baby in another place near Wasi River, Demontin. Then Woiwallytmang grew up to be very skillful in hunting. Being a handsome young man, many young girls fell in love with him. Even Woiram’s wife (Bonadesu) fell in love with him too.

Another woman who fell in love with him was Mecy, a daughter of Head of Demontin Village. Mecy forced her father to make Woiwallytmang her husband. In their great wedding party, Woiram who had not seen his son for a long time and was not invited to the party was very upset. Thus, he begged to the Almighty God to curse all the guests in the party to turn to stones. Woiram himself sadly left the party and vanished in the river. Until now, his feet traces still remain on the stone by the river.

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