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ITS–I-22-1-surfingGiven its large marine area, Indonesia has spacious venues that have resulted in the growth in popularity of windsurfing. The fact that water forms almost two thirds of the archipelago makes for a lot of chances for the new sport to compete with traditional sports as yachting and rowing. The archipelago offers a vast choice of challenges, with Bali, Nias, and Sulawesi becoming the main destinations for the world’s windsurfing enthusiasts.

As the sport blossoms at the international level, a windsurfing association (Porselasi), which is affiliated with the Indonesian Sports Council, was set up. Regular competitions have been held in an attempt to select eligible athletes for international events. Miki Sampelan, Abdul Malik Faisal, and I GustiKetut Oka Sulaksana are Indonesian windsurfers who have received international recognition. The young windsurfer, Sulaksana, twice sprang surprises in 1994 when he beat world champion Bruce Kande of New Zealand in Hong Kong and Phuket, Thailand.

Windsurfing has been included in the medal events in the Southeast Asian Games and the Asian games. Despite international recognition, Indonesian windsurfers, have yet to medal in both regional sporting festivals. Thailand, Singapore, and Japan are Indonesia’s strong opponents in both games.

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