Water Apple (Eugenia Aquea)

Water Apple (Eugenia Aquea)

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F-63-1-JAMBUITS–The Water Apple is a common fruit that, as the name suggests, contains much water. The Water apple originated in South East Asia. In Indonesia this plant generally blooms twice a year. Its leaf is of a single type, like an oval, with a green blade and yellow flower, emerging like a broom. The Water apple’s botanical name is Eugenia aquea, and it belongs to Myrtaceae family. There are several colors of the fruit according to its variety: red, pink, and dark red. Its shape is unique, like a bell. Generally, the taste of this fruit is sour, but some speciesof the water apple fruit taste sweet. The Indonesian name for this fruit is “jambu air” or “jambu air kancing.” The tree is small, about 6-8 m high. This plant easily grows in any kind of soil, especially on low lands. The plant of the water apple can be cultivated by seed or cloning.

In Indonesia, people cultivate this plant in their yards or in their gardens. Farmers seldom cultivate this plant intensively because its market price is cheap. People commonly eat the fresh fruit of the water apple and make other food variations by mixing it with other fruits to make traditional foods, namely fruit salad (rujak) and pickle (asinan).

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