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ITS–I-24-2--VOLLYIndonesian children are quite familiar with volleyball, as it is one of the sports introduced during their schooling. Volleyball, as well as soccer, is widely played because of its convenience. The sport also serves a social function because it involves teamwork. Under the tutelage of the the Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI), the country has maintained a long tradition of competitiveness in international volleyball competitions, particularly in the Southeast Asian Games.

The Indonesian men’s volleyball team has been triumphant in the last three meetings of the SEA Games. The women’s team has yet to record an impressive performance since its victory in 1987, trailing on the heels of Thailand.

PBVSI refused to send its best spikers to the 12th Asian Games in Hiroshima in 1994, saying that it would not be able to meet the target set by the National Sports Council.  It turned out to be a sneer to the council’s hesitant policy given the fact that the national men’s team finished second behind Japan in the Asian Games warm-up tournament in Fukuoka.

At the international level, Indonesia has yet to contend, even with its rare distinction of becoming the host of the World Women’s Grand Prix circuit in1994.

Voli Proliga is the top professional volleyball club in Indonesia. It is organised by PBVSI. There are both men’s and women’s competition and they were founded in 2002.

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