Twin Spotwrasse Or Clown Labrid (Coris Angulata)

Twin Spotwrasse Or Clown Labrid (Coris Angulata)

- in Underwater, Fauna

ITS–G-81-1-CORIS-ANGULATAThe Twin Spotwrasse or Clown Labrid (Coris angulata) has an elongated body and a pointed head. The body is decorated with a colourful pattern. The species undergoes extreme changes in coloration as it matures, but two black patches on the dorsal always remain. Orange spots on its back are also seemingly permanent, especially those on the rear side of its body.

As the fish matures, the white background body colour becomes a greenish shade with the edges of its fins purple. The species is peaceful and its natural habitat is by inhabiting other fish; by picking parasites from the bodies of larger fish. In an aquarium, it feeds on small live animals on the bottom of tanks. The species is widespread in the tropical Indo-Pacific area.

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