Tujuh Putri Kayangan Folktale

Tujuh Putri Kayangan Folktale

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E-121-PUTRI-KAHYANGAN_1ITS–Tujuh Putri Kayangan (Seven Angels) came down to Earth to take a bath in a lake. While they were there, a passing prince saw them and their wings lying on the ground. He hid one pair of the wings. When the bathing session was over the angels dressed up to fly home, but one of them couldn’t make it. Then, the prince came up from the bush and became the hero for the abandoned angel. Their acquaintance ended up in a marriage and they lived happily with three children. But, it didn’t last long. When the angel happened to find her pair of wings, she flew home. The prince was shocked and followed her on an eagle’s back. Unfortunately his wife refused to return to Earth with him. Instead, as token of her love for her husband and children, she gave him a crown. The crown is magical for we still can see it today at theKedaton(Sultan’s residence) of Ternate. The hair on the crown is said to continue growing and needs to be cut every now and then in a special rite.

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