Triangle Butterfly Fish (Chaetodon Triangulum)

Triangle Butterfly Fish (Chaetodon Triangulum)

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G-74-1-CAETODON-TRIANGULUMITS–The Triangle Butterfly Fish (Chaetodon triangulum) is called in Indonesia Ikan Kepe-Kepe. Its body shape is typical of a butterfly fish: compressed and triangle like. Its body is beautifully checked with brown, white and blue. A brown stripe crosses its head in such a way that its eyes seem rather invisible. The difference between both sexes is vague. The body size is between 12 and 15 centimetres long.

It probably lives in coral reefs by nature, and if placed in aquariums, the tanks must be large and furnished with corals and rocks for its hideouts.

Like all butterfly fish, it is fastidious about food. And like other butterfly fish, it is also rather individualistic in character. It does not mingle with other species, unless it has long mixed with them in the wild. Nor does it like to be mixed with other butterfly fish unless they are of a different size. This species is found in tropical Indo-Pacific waters.

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