Torpedo Orchid (Dendrochilum Longifolium)

Torpedo Orchid (Dendrochilum Longifolium)

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F-10-DEND-LANCIFOLIUMITS–Dendrochilum longifolium, or the Toledo Orchidcan be found from Sumatra to Papua. It can grow in lowlands, but it prefers mountainous highlands up to a height of 1,000 meters. It is an epiphyte, growing in clusters. They have a quasi-root tuber, which looks like a torpedo; round and elongated with a pointed end. For that reason Indonesians call it, “anggrek torpedo”.

From the quasi tuber grows a single leaf, thin and stiff, measuring from 25 to 40 centimetres in length and four to six centimetres in width. The flower’s stalk extends between 25 and 40 centimetres high, carrying from 25 to 30 flowers. The flower is a greenish light brown and shaped like a star with a diameter of two centimetres.

It blossoms in the beginning of the rainy season and survives for more than two weeks. Although it has lots of flowers, it rarely produces fruits in its natural habitat or cultivation. This orchid prefers humid and shadowy places, thus, open areas are not conducive to their growth.

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