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ITS–I-9Tennis has given Indonesia the international spotlight for the past two decades, thanks in part to the vast number of its prodigies. Tennis courts, either outdoor or indoor, are easily found even in small towns, which shows how popular the sport is in the country. A soaring number of people, ranging from school children and businessmen, play the sport either in the morning or afternoon at their convenience. But many tennis enthusiasts prefer having workouts in the evening. Modern tennis serves as another booster for the rapid growth of tennis in Indonesia. Tennis clubs are now growing, offering both fun and high-level competition. The tennis world has witnessed some of Indonesia’s miraculous talent. Apart from their long, firm grip in Southeast Asia, Indonesian players have shown what they can do at the Asian Games since the 1970s.

The Indonesian men’s team, spearheaded by Yustejo Tarik and Tintus Arianto Wibowo, carved out a piece in history when they joined the world’s elite group of 16 in the Davis Cup competition in 1982 and 1988. They almost made it three times in 1994, but a Benny Wijaya-led squad lost to a star-studded Swiss team in Jakarta. The Indonesian women’s players look to grow faster than their male teammates anyway. Yayuk Basuki, a native of Yogyakarta, exploited her great talent and put herself among the national sport legends. Yayuk, who made her professional debut in 1989, has compiled seven international titles to join the world’s top 30 players. Her sensational grasscourt mastery led her to the fourth round of Wimbledon three times in a row since 1992. She reached her career high ranking of 21 in the World Tennis Association computer in April 1995.

Many words are needed to compose a story about two-time Asian Games women’s doubles gold medallist Yayuk. She has been the backbone of the Indonesian Federation Cup team since 1985. Indonesia is also one of the main destinations for world-class players. The country has a 150,000 dollar women tournament and a 300,000 dollar men tournament. Indonesia also won a two-year contract to host the 1.3 million dollar ATP World Doubles championship finals in 1994. Angelique Wijaya, a young talented Indonesian tennis player who was the winner of the junior single tennis tournament, Wimbledon, in 2001 after beating Russian tennis player Dindra Safina.

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