About Us

Indonesiathrouhstamps.com is a web portal feeding the readers information about culture, geography, history and nature of Indonesia. Each article and news published in this portal is illustrated by Indonesia stamp image. We designed this portal as digital format of a book, entitled “Indonesia Through Stamps” that contains more comprehensive information on Indonesia culture, geography, history and nature. Thus, we make the book available in pdf format and those who want to know better about Indonesia can purchase it through this portal. Indonesiathrougstamps.com is a product of Lestari Kiranatama, Ltd.

Our Team:

Advisor   :

  • Putu Suasta
  • Mohammad Oemar
  • Gatot S. Dewa Broto

Chairman         : Valentino Barus

Co-Chairman  : Rini Nur Adiati

Editor in Chief:

  • Mario P. Manalu


  • Arman Karad
  • Djarot Sumarwoto
  • Vincent Jemadu

IT Manager:

  • Sarif Ivansah
  • Yosafat Tharumta Singarimbun

Social Media Campaign:

  • Karyono
  • Laelaten Srirejeki


  • Tri Aji Guno (Jakarta)
  • Valeri Diandra (Jakarta)
  • Bareno Barus (Bandung)
  • Vincent Padia (Medan)
  • Husni Husein (Bangka Belitung)
  • Conrad Sandur (NTT)
  • Sarwo Sigit (Yogyakarta)
  • Agus Winto (Surabaya)
  • Ismed M. Zein (Palembang)
  • Abigail Surasky (U.S.A)
  • Sven Hassler (Sweeden)