Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

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ITS–F-55-1-TEHThe young leaves of the tea plant are used for making the beverage. The tea plant originated in Asia: India and China. The tree can reach a height of about 9 m, but with intensive farming, the stems and branches are periodically cut off. This pruning results in the growth of the useful young leaves. The botanical name for this plant is Camellia sinensis; it belongs to the Theaceae family. The tea plant has a single leaf and oval blades. Its leaf has a serrated edge. The tea flower is white and aromatic. The fruit is darkbrown or greenish-brown and consists of 1-3 seeds. There are two varieties of tea; one (Cameliasinensis var. assamica) from Assam, India; the other (Cameliasinensis var. sinensis) from China.

In Indonesia, the tea plant is popular. The Indonesians call this plant “teh”. Largeteafarms lie on many of the big islands of Indonesia. The highlands are most commonly used for the tea plantations. People here use two kinds of tea leaves, black and green. The black tea is made after a fermentation process, and the green one is obtained by drying the leaf at high temperatures. People drink tea as a traditional medicine to heal diarrhoea, larynx disease, and stomach aches.


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