Tampak Siring Presidential Palace

Tampak Siring Presidential Palace

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E-14_04-ISTANA-TAMPAK-SIRINGITS–Unlike the other five presidential palaces, Tampak SiringPalace is located far from the center of governmental activities. It is the only one which was built after Indonesia gained independence.

It is situated at Tampak Siring Village in Bali. Its compounds occupy a piece of land with an elevation of about 700 meters above sea level. This accounts for the cool air and the above average rainfall.

Tampak Siring is derived from two Balinese words, “tampak” and ‘siring”, which mean, “foot-print” and “slant’ respectively. According to one legend, encrypted on Usana Bali Palm Leaves, the name originates from the footprints of a bygone King named Mayadenawa. He was a clever and invincible king but, alas, he was greedy.

The person who first conceived the idea of building the palace was none other than the late President Sukarno, the first president of Republic of Indonesia. His idea was that there should be a palace, a rest house of a sort, for the president and his family as well as for state guests and their entourage to collect themselves and have a chance to relax. The considerations for singling out Tampak Siring included the facts that it is cool and that it is far from the bustle of the city; two things that are peremptory for an ideal resting-place.

The palace compounds were built gradually. The architect was RM Sudarsono. The first to be constructed were WismaMerdeka and WismaYudhistira in 1957. The construction of the other main buildings commenced the following year and all of the main buildings that exist today were completed by 1963, upon the conclusion of the construction of Wisma Negara and WismaBima.

The first eminent to stay in this palace was the one who took the initiative to have it built, the late President Sukarno, the first state guest who stayed in this palace was King BhumibolAdulyadei of Thailand, who came here in 1960 with his consort, Queen Sirikit. According to the record, other state guests who stayed here included President Ne Win of Burma (Now Myanmar), President Tito of Yugoslavia, President Ho Chin Minh of Vietnam, Prime Minister Nehru of India, Prime Minister Khruschev of the Soviet Union, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, and Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

Pursuant to the protocol, a state guest is welcomed in WismaMerdeka and then escorted to Wisma Negara, where he or she will stay.

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