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ITS–renang-1Swimming is popular both for recreation and as a competitive sport. It is known to be one of man’s oldest physical activities. There are 5 strokes of swimming:

The Crawl Stroke: It is also known as free style. It is the fastest of all strokes and is performed with body flat on the surface of water. It combines an alternate pull and recovery arm cycle, alternate leg beats (flutter kicks) and rhythmic breathing.

The Back Stroke is swum on the back with an alternate pull and recovery arm action and a six-beat kick.

The Breast Stroke: The propulsive phases of the arms and legs alternate in the breast stroke. From a prone position, legs and arms fully extended and palms of the hands facing outwards. The swimmer starts this stroke with a lateral arm pull.

The Butterfly Stroke: The pull of the arms and hands propels the swimmer forward in the butterfly, but the kick, which resembles the tail movements of a dolphin, dominates the stroke.

The Side Stroke; It is an important adjunct to methods of rescue in life saving, is swum with the body in a side horizontal position.

The history of the sport in Indonesia started in Bandung. The swimmers trained in Cihampelas  Swimming Pool which was constructed in 1904. In 1917, Bandung Swimmer Association (Bandungse Zwembond) was founded. In March 21,1951, Persatuan Berenang Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian Swimmer  Association) was founded in Jakarta.

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