Sunda Teal (Anas Gibberifrons)

Sunda Teal (Anas Gibberifrons)

- in Aves (Bird), Fauna

ITS–G-110-ITIK-NONONGThe Sunda Teal  (Anas gibberifrons) is 42 cm in length. It has broad white rings around its eyes; its throat is white and its entire under part is light brown. Its underside of its wings are dark, except for white auxiliaries; a white bar in front of its speculum broader. The secondary feather has a black and blue metallic speculum. The female’s voice sounds like a laugh and the male has a clear “pip” sounding voice.

It lays 8-10 eggs in its nest of smooth feathers. It inhabits South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In Indonesia, the Grey Teal is found in Java and Bali islands. They inhabit mangrove forests, marshes, rivers, swamps and lakes.

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