Slender Palm Tree (Oncosperma Tigilaria)

Slender Palm Tree (Oncosperma Tigilaria)

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F-48-1-NIBUNGITS–The Nibung is a Slender Palm tree living in coastal areas. This plant originated in Indochina and other South East Asian countries, including Indonesia. The plant always grows in groups. One group consists of more than 10 trees growing side by side. Its botanical name is Oncosperma tigillaria, and it belongs to the Palmae family. This plant has many spines on the stems, stalks, and leaves. The spines are very sharp and about 5 centimetres long. The trees can reach a height of about 20 meters with about a 20 centimetre diameter. The flowers hang in clusters, the petals are red, and the stalk is yellow. The fruit is purple or black oval about the size of a Ping-Pong ball and contains one seed.

In Indonesia this plants grows in the coastal regions in many islands. People call this plant “nibung” or “hanibung”. The plant is often found growing on the land 50 meters above sea level. As a coastal tree, these plants are well known by fishermen who live in the coastal areas. Some people use the stems for making tools or as walking sticks. The stem is very hard and can endurea long time in the water. Many housing materials in the coastal areas are made from this tree. The leaves are often used by fishermen for making baskets. Young stems or the top-most leaves can be eaten too.

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