Shield Bug (Crisocoris Javanus)

Shield Bug (Crisocoris Javanus)

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ITS–G-51-1-(KEPIK)The shield bug (Crisocoris javanus), called in Indonesian Kepik Perisai or Kepik Daun, is a member of Pentatomidae, a family of bugs with five-segment antennas.

Its body attains a length of 15 to 20 centimetres. This bug is easily identified because of its shielded-like front wings. The wings are bright red in colour with black spots in the middle of its two wings. Its back wings are largely hidden under its front wings.

This bug discharges a horrid smell if troubled by its predators.

This bug feeds on plants such as Ricinus  sp., Jatropa sp. and Croton sp. Its larvae eat the leaves of these types of fruit, when the adults eat the contents of the fruit. It is widely distributed throughout Java.

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