Scorpion Orchid (Arachnis Flosaeris)

Scorpion Orchid (Arachnis Flosaeris)

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F-7-1-ARACHID-FLOSITS–The structure of this famous terrestrial orchid is like that of a scorpion. Scorpion orchids grow wild in the low altitudes of the rain forest in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Malaysia. The scientific name for this orchid is Arachnis flosaeris, and it is included in the orchid family, Orchidaceae. The Indonesian name for this orchid are “anggrek kalajengking” or “anggrek kesturi.”

The scorpion orchid has a long stem with a length of 3-10 m, sometimes creeping or climbing around the trunk of a tree. The green and stiff leaf’s shape is like a pointed lance. It can reach a length of 15-17 cm and can be 4 cm in diameter. The stalk of the flower can extend nearly 1.5 m long and can contain 10 flowers. The flowers are yellow with dark-brown blots like a scorpion. The shape of the sepals and petals is like a spatula and measures about 4 cm long and about 0.5 cm in diameter. It is yellow with a few dark-brown spots. The lip is divided into three parts with color variations: brown at the margin, and yellow or yellow-green in the centre. The flowers are fragrant and flourish from July to November.

This ornamental plant is easy to care for on an artificial farm and can be cultivated by seeding or cloning. The flowers are often used in wreaths.

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