Samudra Beach Hotel

Samudra Beach Hotel

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E-24-2-SAMUDERA-BEACHITS–Samudra Beach Hotel is a state owned company, built in 1962. Its soft opening was in November 1965 and officially opened on February 15th, 1965 by Vice Prime Minister III Dr. J. Leimena. Facilitated with a floating restaurant, the construction of the hotel was financed by funds taken from the Japanese, amounting a total of 660 billion. It was built by a state-owned company, Pembangunan Perumahan and Taisei Kanko Kabushiki Kaisha Ltd.

The Hotel was built on 60 hectares, including 34.5 hectaresof a golf course. The building is 32 meters high, 100 meters long and 13 meters wide. Its range lies east to west, heading to the Indian Ocean. It has 8 floors with 106 rooms. Now, this hotel is under the management of PT. Hotel Indonesia International.

Unlike other hotels in Indonesia, Samudra Beach Hotel has a very unique location; the ground on which it was built possesses a supernatural quality (sacred grave), which has always been used by psychics to communicate with supernatural creatures. In addition, the hotel has a special room for the queen of South Sea, usually called NyiRoroKidul, which is also open to any guests provided that they want to communicate with the supernatural creatures.

Samudra Beach Hotel also provides hotel education and training service for those who want to study about hotel, tourism and other related business.

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