Rose Of India (Lagerstroemia Speciosa)

Rose Of India (Lagerstroemia Speciosa)

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F-28-1_2-BUNGURITS–The Rose of India is a large tree that is found through tropical countries. It is frequently planted as an ornamental tree along the streets in the city. The flowers are purple, pink, and a palered with curly sepals. As a result of the beauty of the flowers, this plant is often cultivated ingardens or yards as a small (dwarf) tree. The Rose of India’s scientific name is Lagerstroemia speciosa, and it is included in the Lythraceae family. The tree is native to continental Asia. In Indonesia people easily find this plant growing alongriverbanks, hills, and in the jungles. The plants generally grow at an altitude of about 800 meters. Almost every region in Indonesia has its own name for this plant.

Indonesians commonly call it “bungur” or “pohonbungur.” Naturally, these trees can reach a height of about 45 m in the jungle, but generally are found between 20 and 25 m high. The tree has many branches. There is a one type of leaf that is oval-shaped and rigidwith pointed tips. The flowers emerge from July-October. The fruits are round, and their tips are pointed too. The fruit contains many seeds. The plant can be cultivated by seeding and cloning. The wood is commonly used as furniture material. The water from the boiled bark is traditionally used for healing diarrhea.

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