Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

I-26-ROCK-CLIMBINGITS–Rock climbing first began to grow popular in Indonesia in 1976. But it took the adventurous sport 12 years to win official recognition nationwide, when 10 groups set up the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI). The first rock climbing club in the country, Skygers Amateur Rock Climbing club,was founded in 1977 in Bandung, which has now been dubbed as the centre of national rock climbing activities because of the numerous clubs there.

Pioneered by university students, more clubs emerged in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Malang, where rock climbing competitions abound. Indonesia, which is located on the world’s ring of fire in the southern hemisphere, provides a lot of challenging mountains. Citatah and Karang in West Java, Bukit Gajah, Sapikul and Gajah Mungkur in East Java, Bambapuang in Sulawesi and Batu Unta in West Kalimantan are widely renowned as the main destinations of both local and foreign rock climbers.
The government supports the sport, and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports invited four rock climbers from France to share their expertise with their Indonesian counterparts.
In June 1995, Setiawan Djodi, was elected as the first FPTI chairman. On June 30, 2012 Akil Mochtar, a constitutional court judge was, elected as the chairman of FPTI. Before, Akil Mochtar was the chairman of FPTI for West Kalimantan.

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