Rambutan (Nepheliun Lappaceum)

Rambutan (Nepheliun Lappaceum)

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F-62-1-RAMBUTANITS–This sweet tropical fruit has hairy skin. The Indonesian name for this fruit is “rambutan.” People call it “rambutan” because the whole fruit skin is hairy (in Indonesian rambut means hair). This very popular fruit’s botanical name is Nepheliun lappaceum, and it belongs to the Sapindaceae family. The fruit is like a pingpong ball with a yellow, red, yellow-green, or dark red color. The rambutan tree can grow 5 to 15 meters high. It’s easy to find these trees inIndonesia. People grow rambutan trees in their yards and gardens beside their houses. We can easily find these fruits at the market in fruit season. Canned rambutan is also sold in supermarkets. But in traditional markets this fruit is sold in clusters. One cluster consists of 20 to 30 pieces of fruit.

A few natural varieties of this tropical fruit can be found also in the jungles of Indonesia. Some varieties are very popular in Indonesia such as “rambutan aceh”, “rambutan binjai”, and “rambutan rafiah”. These varieties are very sweet although they are not ripe. The fruit of the first two varieties are bigger than the latter, but the latter has less hair on its skin.

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