Ramayana Dance

Ramayana Dance

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E-60-5-RAMAYANA-DANCEITS–The International Ramayana Festival was held in Indonesia from August 31 to September 17, 1971. The festival aimed to promote cultural relationships among the countries in South East Asia, all of which traditionally have the Ramayana performing arts. Ramayana is a famous epic Hindu tale describing the struggle of Rama and the embodiment of the God Vishnu against the wicked king of giants, Rawana. The story is an oral tradition in the region. The countries participating in the festival were Indonesia, Burma (Now Myanmar), India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Nepal. As the host country, Indonesia fielded teams from Bali, West Java, Yogyakarta, Solo, and East Java, who performed in Jakarta, Denpasar, Prambanan, and Pandaan.


The Ramayana story is very popular in Indonesia. Many traditional arts are inspired by the story, including wayang, a puppet show. The Rara Jongrang or Prambanan temple was built around the ninth century. At Prambanan temple, Central the drama is now regularly performed as a tourist attraction.

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