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ITS–I-21_1-RAFTINGWater rafting finds great popularity in Indonesia because of countless rivers scattered across the archipelago. The vast number of rivers, which offer beauty and challenges, helps the adventurous sport accrue more and more fans.Travelling along winding, wild rivers with their swift streams has become a new trend. Not only does the sport fascinate young people, but it also attracts foreign tourists to tackle the demanding rivers.

The international white water rafting federation rates Indonesian rivers as second and sixth grade. The Kayan River in East Kalimantan is dubbed the most difficult river in the country, and it is recommended only for well-trained rafters.

Some of rivers with moderate grades are easily found in Java, including Cisadane, Cimanuk, Cimandiri, and Citatih River in West Java, Serayu, Progo and Bogowonto rivers in Central Java.

A renowned expedition along Kapuas and Mahakam rivers, the longest ones in Kalimantan cover more than 1,000 kilometers, was billed as the biggest expedition ever.

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