Prinodon Linsang

Prinodon Linsang

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G-82-2-UNGSANGITS–Prinodon Linsang has a very slight body, sharp head and short legs. Its tail is the same length  as its head and body. The dominant colour is yellow-white with brown spots or lines. The brown lines stretch from its mouth to its eyes, then turn under its ears. It has four lines on the nape of its neck, the twin lines in the middle are more bold with light colour as a background and dispersed small spots. There are four or five rows on the back, broken rows at the end of its body and tail. There are some spots on the ribs, and brown and yellow rings along the tail. The brown ring is wider than the yellow one. The throat and abdomen is white – yellow and a light yellow in colour.

This fish is a nocturnal animal and generally arboreal, even though sometimes it comes to the ground for a meal. Its habitat is on the edges of forests or in damaged forests above 1,000 m. This kind of fish can mostly be found in East Java, in villages near slopes of mountains.

Its spawning area includes South Myanmar and Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo (Kalimantan). In Indonesia, Sumatra (Ssp. linsang), Bangka (Ssp. fredericae), Kalimantan (Ssp. gracilis) and Belitung (Ssp. interliniurus) are all home to this fish.

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