Powder-Blue Surgeonfish (Acanthurus Leucosternon)

Powder-Blue Surgeonfish (Acanthurus Leucosternon)

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G-75-1-ACANT-LEUCOSTERNONITS–The Powder-Blue Surgeonfish (Acanthurus  leucosternon), called in Indonesian Ikan Botana Biru, is one of the surgeon fishes mostly sought for and sold at high prices to pet lovers for its beauty.

Its oval and compressed body is basically sky blue in colour. A black colour covers its face so that it looks as if it is wearing a mask. There is a white patch from its throat to the base of its pectoral fin. Its jaws are dark, separated from the dark mask by a narrow white zone. Its dorsal fin is a transparent yellow, while its caudal fin is black and white and its abdominal fin white. There is no known difference between the males and females. Its size reaches 30 centimetres long.

It feeds on algae and small creatures in the wild. After a period of adjustment in an aquarium however, they are willing to accept other kinds of nourishment. If placed in an aquarium, the tank must be large and furnished with sand. It is an active fish, always on the move and prefers to live alone. The species is widely found throughout the tropical Asia-Pacific waters.

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