Postage Stamp, An Effective Media of Promoting Tourism

Postage Stamp, An Effective Media of Promoting Tourism

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Kementerian Pariwisata meluncurkan buku berjudul 'Indonesia Through Stamps: 1945-2012' di Jakarta, Selasa (12/5/2015).

Minister of Tourism has promoted Indonesian tourisme in unique way such is to launch  “Indonesia Through Stamps: 1945-2012, book about history of Indonesia Stamps as source of information and to promote Indonesian tourism.

Books can promote tourism. It is quite effective as a source of information and such  to promote tourism, Minister Arief Yahya as saying.  The book which comprehensively covered the beauty of  Indonesian cultures, places and historical events  was launched by Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya in Jakarta. He deeply appreciated the effort to publish the book. “By launching this book, it is part of promoting Indonesian tourisme to foreign to come to Indonesian that has been targeted 12 million in this year and 20 million in 2019.

Arief Yahya said tourists come to Indonesia by looking through  books and media onlines. “We are trying to attract them to know and understand more what are the competitive advantages of  Indonesia. We are certainly optimistics our targets will be fulfilled with the support of Indonesian people to participate in promoting, maintaining and expanding Indonesian  tourism products.”


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