Post, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT)

Post, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT)

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J-19-1-TELECOMITS–Post and telegraph affairs were initially handled in two different offices until the Dutch colonial rule united them in the Post, Telegraph, and Telephone office in 1875. Its first headquarters was located in Weltevreden (now Gambir in Central Jakarta) but then moved to the Burgerlijke Openbare Werken(BOW) in Bandung in 1923.
Following the Japanese defeat in World War II, the PTT employees seized the head quarters from the Japanese colonial rule on September 27th, 1945 and appointed a senior employee, Suharto, as the PTT director. The act was followed by similar actions throughout the country, but the Dutch later recaptured many of the offices that the Indonesians had taken. The PTT employees moved the headquarters to Yogyakarta, then the capital of the Indonesian Republic. Later,in January 1949, the capital also fell to the Dutch. They kidnapped Suharto, who was then in ill health at his house. He was never heard from again.
Starting in 1962, the PTT adopted the new name of PN Postel or State Post and Telecommunications Company under the Ministry of Transportation. Today it is under the Ministry of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications.



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