Pesquet’s Parrot (Psitotrichas Fulgidus)

Pesquet’s Parrot (Psitotrichas Fulgidus)

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G-10-1-PRESQUET-PAROTITS–Pesquet’s Parrot (Psitotrichas fulgidus), called in Bahasa Indonesia Nuri Elang, is a black bird measuring 46 centimetres long.

The naked part on the throat and the face is gray black. Its nape, neck and hind parts of the crown are chocolate brown. There are red spots behind the males’ eyes which the female doesn’t have. The breast and abdomen are brown black and broadly tipped with gray brown. Its under parts are red. Its bill is red, iris reddish brown and its legs are gray.

The species lives singly, in pairs or in large groups of less than 20 and they love to perch on high trees where they can endure heat and rain for hours. In flight, they noisily make calls audible from a great distance. Their natural habitats are the mountain forests between 800 to 2,000 meters above sea level but sometimes they are seen in the lowland hills down to the seashore.  They feed on mild fruit, figs, blossoms and nectar. This protected bird is found in the northern and southern parts of Papua.

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