Papaya (Carica Papaya)

Papaya (Carica Papaya)

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F-59-1-PEPAYAITS–Papaya is a commonly eaten fruit that can be found in tropical regions of the world. Its scientific name is Carica papaya. The plant belongs to the Caricaceae family. These perennial trees can grow 2 to 6 meters, but generally are found about 4 meters high. The Papaya’s leaves have a long stem with a sheet like a finger.

In its natural form, the fruit has color variations: yellow, red, pink, dark yellow, and even dark red. The shape of the fruit also varies.

Through extensive cultivation, the fruit has been spread throughout the world. The canning industry has also made this fruit an export commodity.

This plant is not strange to the people of Indonesia. The Indonesian name for this fruit is “papaya”, and it is found throughout the country.  People also use papaya gum (papain) to make meals soft, especially in burning satay. Soup and othermeals can also be made from the young fruit. Its bitter leaves arealso good for health, which people in some regions eat young papaya leaves uncooked.

Today there are many varieties of this fruit. One famous cultivated variety in Indonesia is called “papaya Bangkok”, which, as its name suggests, papaya cultivated in Bangkok.

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