Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger Aterrrimus)

Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger Aterrrimus)

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G-6-PAROT-3ITS–The biggest of cockatoo family, Palm Cockatoo (Probosciger aterrrimus), called in Bahasa Indonesia Kakaktua Raja, can reach 60 centimetres in length. The plumage colour is gray-black. The head is adorned with a crest consisting of a number of elongated feathers. Its bill is very large and black, its feet dark gray and its iris dark brown. The naked patch of skin extending from the bill over a large portion of the facial area is white, crimson and red. The adult female is similar to the male but is generally smaller in size.

Seen usually singly or in pairs, it starts its daily activities after  sunrise and returns to its nesting site before sunset. Its diet includes the kernels from the fruit of the Pandanus Palm, fruits and berries. Its large bill makes it easy for it to open shells of nuts.

If in danger,  it utters a high screech to alarm the others.The breeding season occurs around August. A nest is woven at the bottom of a large hollow in the trunk of a tree for eggs to be laid. Both parents take turns in sitting on the eggs, and the juvenile offspring remain in the nest for around 60 days.

In Indonesia, the species is found on the Papuan mainland, Biak Island, the Aru islands chain and other adjacent isles. It is found outside Indonesia in New Guinea and Australia’s Cape York Peninsula.

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