Pacific-Asia Travel Association (PATA)

Pacific-Asia Travel Association (PATA)

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J-26-1-PATAITS–The Pacific-Asia Travel Association (PATA) is a membership association working to promote the responsible development of travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region. The organization was established in 1951 in Hawaii with the first conference held in Honolulu in 1952.

The Association is guided by an international Board of Directors headed by an annually elected Chairman and supported in the development of policy and plans by advice from several Committees and Councils. PATA programmes are operated by international staff, headed by the President and Chief Executive Officer with Headquarters in San Francisco, USA and Divisional offices in Sydney, Australia (Pacific), Singapore (Asia), San Francisco (Americas), and in Monaco (Europe). PATA also has a Northeast Asian representative based in Tokyo.

The membership is open to governments as well as the private sector. PATA has a membership of over 2,200 organizations including governments, air and cruise lines, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and other tourism related corporations and companies, educational institutions, financial and consultancy services and media.

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