Nias Mynah (Gracula Robusta)

Nias Mynah (Gracula Robusta)

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G-2-1-BEO-NIASINDONESIATHROUGHSTAMPS.COM–Nias Mynah (Gracula  robusta),  called in Indonesia Beo Nias, used to be a  favourite Indonesian  pet but it is now a protected species. It is endemic to Nias Island in North Sumatra.  Its body size is larger than other   Mynah species found in India, Myanmar, Indochina, Malaysia, Sumatra, Kali­mantan, Java and Lesser Sunda. The number of Nias  Mynahs has declined substantially in the wild due to trapping for the illegal pet trade and loss of habitat from deforestation. In a bird survey of Nias Island in 1990, the researchers failed to find any Nias Mynah in a 17 day stay.

Nias Mynah plumage colour is black except for the yellow wattles on its face, some white feathers on its wings and its orange bill. They are usually spotted in pairs or large groups in forests, close to villages or in plains. The Bird utters loud and high calls, while the young can be easily trained to speak. This is the reason why the species was a popular pet at one time.

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