Ngarojeng Dance

Ngarojeng Dance

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E-73-7-NGAROJENGITS–It is a new creative dance developed by Mrs. Wiwi Widiastuti in 1993. The dance is a combination of Betawian Ajeng dance and Betawi Mask dance (from Jakarta) and is usually performed either by five, seven, or nine young women (always odd numbers).

The dance is usually staged at a wedding party to welcome the groom. The musical instruments accompanying the dance are a small bell (Kleneng) and Gending torobalen (the musical composition for the gamelan dance).

Wearing the same dress as a Betawi bride, the dancers make dynamic movements on stage.

The dress consists of such pieces of clothes as cadar (veil), toka-toka, kebaya (front-pinned blouse), amplok, sarong and shawl with Betawi motifs.

The right and left sides of the head are ornamented with phoenix.

The meaning of the dance is an expression of joys of the bride’s family in welcoming the groom.

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