Nasi Timbel

Nasi Timbel

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2005_2ITS–Nasi Timbel is an Indonesian style rice dish, originally from West Java. It is usually wrapped in Banana leaves and served with a variety of side dishes. Nasi Timbel is very popular in Indonesia and is sold all over the streets of Jakarta, for 12.000 to 20.000 Rupiah each. It is sold in almost all Sundanese or Javanese restaurants and sometimes in Warungs or Wartegs, a traditional outdoor restaurant or café. It is also considered a convenient dish as it is wrapped in banana leaves and is usually ready to bring and eat anytime. It is considered a type of fast food where it is brought to workplaces to eat.

To prepare it we need 300 grams of rice; 400 ml of water; and a banana’s leaf to wrap it (for best result use pisang batu, a kind of banana called “banana’s stone”). Then we need half-cooked rice; boil water in dandang (steaming rice’s lace), put the  half-cooked rice in, cook until done; prepare the banana’s leaf 25 x 35 cm, scoop about a half out in the middle of banana’s leaf;  Neaten, then furled at the same time compact like lontong, with diameter 5 cm and 12 cm length. Buckling both back part of.

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