Mount Krakatau

Mount Krakatau

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D-13ITS–Mount Krakatau, firmly and gently standing between Java and Sumatera Islands or in Sunda Strait, is one of the most famous volcanoes in Indonesia. It is believed that years ago Mount Krakatau usedto stand 2000 meters above sea level and occupied a radius of 9 kilometers squared. A tremendous eruption took place in 416 AD, according to the ancient Javanese Book “Pustaka Raja”. The result of this eruptionwas the creation of 3 islands, namely, Rakata, Sertung and Panjang Islands. In its development, Rakataisland has created Danan and Perbuatan summits.

On 27 August 1883, Krakatau erupted again and it was so catastrophic that it destroyed ¾ of its body. It was recorded that the power of its eruption was 21,547 times stronger than an atomic bomb. The explosion was heard over 3,000 miles away, as far as the Philippines, Alice Springs, Rodriques, and Madagascar. The explosion resulted in a 40 meter high tsunami.  It also caused stone rains, which covered an area of 300 square miles or 483 squarekilometers within the radius of 150 kilometers. Meanwhile, its ash rains reached up to British Strait and blocked the sun light. It seemed that the sun disappeared all of a sudden. The surrounding areas such as, Sunda Strait, Banten, Lampung and Jakarta turned to dark immediately for a couple of days, and a total 36,471 people were killed by the eruption.

This amazing eruption was described by the New York Times on July 3rd, 1908 as, “… remarkable lights” that were, “observed in the northern heavens on Tuesday and Wednesday night.” Scientists mistakenly attributed the dazzling displays to solar outbursts causing electrical disturbances in the atmosphere. Similar light displays had been reported in 1883 at the time of the Krakatau eruption in the Sunda Strait, said the Times.

After 44 years of being silent, Mount Anak Krakatau(Krakatau Junior) emerged in December 1927.  Today, Mount Anak Krakatau is still in the process of developing and now it reaches the height of 200 m above sea level and 2 kilometers diameter. The volcano has now become a tourist destination as well as an object of study. Not farfrom the volcano, we can find such islands as Sebuku and Sabesi where people stop by and spend the night while enjoying the nice view of Krakatau. It takes only an hour a half from Canti, Lampung to get to the volcano.

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