Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

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D-11-BROMOITS–Mount Bromo is the famous peak of the Tengger mountain chain in East Java. It was nicknamed by the Dutch “zandsee” or “sea of sands” because the black, silvery sands that cover itssurfaceand appear like a wavy sea.

Mount Bromo (2,392 m) is encircled by Mount Batok (2,440 m), Mount Kursi (2,582 m), and Mount Widodaren (2,581 m). To add to the beautiful panorama on Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru (3,676 m), the highest peak in Java, is visible in the distance, discharging its black smoke

A great number of tourists from around the world hike Mount Bromo on horseback every year to enjoy the panorama as well as the cultural events held there.

The Tengger mountain chain is inhabited by a Hindu community who claim their link to the ancient Majapahit kingdom. Every year they hold the thanks-giving ritual “Kasadha” on the Bromo peak. Part of the ceremony is the so-called “Nglabuhen”; offerings are thrown in the mountain’s crater, where their god, Batara Bromo, is believed to reside. The offerings include produce of their land, as well as 25 and 100 rupiah coins. It is the way theyexpress their gratefulness to the god. After the ceremony, the ritual participants vie to descend the crater to take the remains of the food offerings.

Legend has it that Batara Bromo once got angry and made themountainexplode because a royal couple, Roro Anteng and Joko Seger, broke their promise of sacrificing their first son to him after he fulfilled their wish to have offspring. To prevent his possible anger, the locals now stage the Kasadha ritual.

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