Moth Orchid

Moth Orchid

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F-4-12-MOTH-ORCHIDTS–The Moth Orchid is a beautiful white orchid native to the Indonesian archipelago. This orchid is very familiar to the florists and people of Indonesia. The moth orchid’s botanical name is Phalaenopsisamabilis, and it belongs to the orchid family, Orchidaceae.

The government of Indonesia promotes this orchid as the national flower of Indonesia. The Indonesian people call this orchid “anggrek bulan”, means “the moon orchid”. This epiphytic orchid can be naturally found in the rain forest, hanging from the trees in the jungle. The moth orchid’s general habitat is the shade underneath the tree’s leaves, between 45-600 m above sea level. Sometimes this plant is found growing along riverbanks.

The moth orchid has a short stem. The leaves consist of 2-4 fleshy sheets, closely pressed to each other. Blades are oval with green blunt tips. The flower’s stalk is around 1 m long and consists of approximately 25 flowers. Each flower measures 6-12 cm, and its petals and sepals are white. The lip is small and triangular in shape, and has two pale-yellow and red filaments inside. The flowers flourish every year and bloom for 2-4 weeks. The fruit contains many little seeds.

The plant can be cultivated by seeding and cloning. The moth orchid is most of few used as an ornamental plant and also for cross breeding with the other species.

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