The March 1st 1949 Attack

The March 1st 1949 Attack

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A-3ITS–The proclamation of Indonesian Independence on August 17, 1945, did not mean that the struggle against colonialism came to an end, instead of the struggle just began.

On September 29, 1945 the allied Forces together with the Dutch armed Forces landed in Jakarta. As a result of the tense and dangerous situation, the Indonesian government decided to move to Yogyakarta on January 4, 1946. During the second military aggression the Dutch was able to occupy Yogyakarta the capital of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) within one day. This affected the fighting spirit of the Indonesian people and also their confidence in the Indonesia Armed Forces (TNI) who continued their struggle using guerrilla warfare. With this temporary success the Dutch launched political propaganda to the world that the Republic of Indonesia ceased to exist.

But then General Soedirman Commander-in-Chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces, who lead the guerrilla warfare, instructed Lt. Colonel Soeharto the Co. of the 10thBrigade and Co. of Wehrkreise III to prepare a general attack on Yogyakarta using all forces available and to occupy it as long as possible. Sri Sultan Hamengkoe Boewono IX supported the movement by mobilizing his people. On March 1, 1949 the Indonesia Armed Forces, led by Lt. Colonel Soeharto launched a general attack on Yogyakarta and took the city in six hours.

News of this attack was spread to the outside world through radio and became an important political issue among the international forum, especially in the UN, confirming that the Republic of Indonesia still existed and was still struggling for its independence. A round table conference was held in The Hague in Holland, resulting in the transfer of sovereignty of the former Dutch East Indies and the forming of United Republic of Indonesia on December 27, 1949.

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