Low Orchid (Paphiopedilum Lowii)

Low Orchid (Paphiopedilum Lowii)

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F-15-1-PAPITS–The Low Orchid is unique in that this orchid’s lip is like a pocket. The low orchid grows wild in the rain forests of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Celebes, and the Malay Peninsula. The best habitat for the Low Orchid is a mountainous environment. The Low Orchid’s scientific name is Paphiopedilum lowii, and it belongs to the orchid family, Orchidaceae. People in Indonesia call the orchid “anggrek kasut belang.”

This epiphytic plant grows in clumps ontree trunks. The Low Orchid has a short stem, covered with the leaves’ petioles. The end of the yellowish-green leaf is pointed like a sharp lance and extends like a ribbon, 25-40 cm long and 3-3.5 cm in diameter. The stalks of the flowers are purple,hairy, and stretch out 50-75 cm long from the tips of the stem. One stalk contains about 2-6 flowers. The flower’s size is 8.5-12 cm long. The sepals’ shapeis like a yellowish-green spatula withpurple stripes on its petiole. The lower two sepals are narrower than the first.The petals, about 7 cm long,areyellowish-green with dark-green spots withpurple tips decorated with some dark-black stripes. The lip is dark-purple and shaped like a pocket. This ornamental orchid is commonly multiplied by seeding and separating the samples from the clumps.

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