Leatherback Turtle (Darmochelys Coriacea)

Leatherback Turtle (Darmochelys Coriacea)

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ITS–Hlm-383-Leatherback-Turtle(udah)The Leatherback Turtle (Darmochelys  coriacea), called Penyu Belimbing in Indonesian, is the biggest of all turtle species. Its body from tail to mouth reaches a length of 215 centimeters; its head measures 25 centimetres wide, and it can weigh up to one ton.

The turtle is found in the Mediterranean Sea, Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans. In Indonesia, it is found in the northern coast of West Papua, southern coast of Java, western coast of Sumatra, Riau Islands, and Bengkulu.

It spawns between 55 to 82 eggs at a time, which it deposits in the sand at a depth of 85 centimetres. It takes 65 days for the eggs to hatch. The hatchlings have a survival rate of between 30 to 95 percent.

The turtle is hunted for its eggs, meat and shell. An estimated 40.000 turtles remain alive across the world. Its population in Indonesia is undetermined, but believed to have dwindled due to large-scale hunting. The Indonesian government has protected the turtle by law.

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