Kumbang Enggik (Batocera Rosenbergi)

Kumbang Enggik (Batocera Rosenbergi)

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ITS–Kumbang-BatoceraThis kind of beetle can be found in Ruteng, in the District of Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara Province at an area of 1,300 meters from sea level. It is black in colour with yellow stripes on its two front wings and an antenna of more than twice its 7 cm long, big body. A Kumbang Enggik will make the sound ‘nggik … nggik….’ when held, the sound it makes has influenced the name of the species. Feeding on leaves, blossoms or barks of trees, these beetles always perch on tree crowns. Its larvae are wood borers and they feed on the inner parts of wood. They can cause disease in wood.

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