Kenanga (Canangium Odoratum)

Kenanga (Canangium Odoratum)

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F-24-1-KENANGAITS–The Canangium odoratum, called Kenanga in the Indonesian language, is a familiar species to Indonesians principally because of the fragrance of its flowers. The plant is widely spread across thearchipelago.

It grows about ten to 40 meters high. The leaves are dark green and oval or elliptic in shape with an undulating margin. The leaves are 10 to 22 centimetres long with a diameter of 4 to 14 centimetres. The flowers are yellow and odorous. The sepal consists of three petals; initially green, as they grow older they become yellow. The petal’s size is about 5 to 7centimeters long with a diameter of eight to 16 millimetres. It produces flowers throughout the year. The fruit contains 3 to 13 seeds.

It regenerates by seeding and cloning. Indonesians traditionally use the flowers for their fragrance in preparation for rituals. Naturally, the tree can be found in secondary forests or in teak forests at altitudes of about 25 – 1.000 meters.

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