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ITS–I-17-2-KARATEIndonesia has its own martial art, but imported self-defence sports have had their roots here for quite a long time. Karate, originally Japanese, is among the most popular foreign martial arts and it is well preserved in the country. A large number of people, ranging from school children and the military, undergo a stylish rigorous stint of karate, making the sport the most popular Japanese martial art in Indonesia.

Hundreds of karate groups with various schools, scattered across the archipelago, unify under the banner of the Indonesian Karate Federation (Forki). The national federation affiliates with the World Union of Karate Organizations (WUKO).

Despite its worldwide recognition, karate made its first appearance as an Olympic medal event in Atlanta. Karate, which means “naked fist” in Japanese, has been proven to be sport that Indonesia will excel in at international competitions. Indonesian karate fighters are not only dubbed the major power in the Southeast Asian Games, but are also considered potential challengers at the higher levels.

The Indonesian trio of women’s kata team carved out a piece of history when they triumphed in the prestigious Shoto Cup in Philadelphia. The trio were preparing for the Asian Games in Hiroshima.

Omita Olga Ompi, who joined the triumphant team in Philadelphia, gave her country its first silver medal in the women’s katain the Asian Games.

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