Jogyakarta Sultanate Palace

Jogyakarta Sultanate Palace

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E-14-KRT-YOGYAITS–The centuries-old Jogyakarta Palace is not only the residence of the Jogyakarta Sultan, but is also deemed the center of Javanese culture. Built in 1755, by Prince Mangukubumi, later named Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, the palace was inhabited on October 7th, 1756.

It covers 1.5 square kilometers of land, and is surrounded by rectangular walls measuring three to four meters in thickness, and 1,000 meters in length and width. It is tucked away between two rivers, Code and Winanga.

In the wake of Indonesian independence, some parts of the palace were utilized as lecture rooms for the students of the University of Gadjahmada as well as the graduation hall. It was also there Sukarno took his oath in 1950 to be the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

There are several rooms and museums in the palace. The sultan lives in a spacious room called “GedongJene”. The most sacred section is the Kencono Hall, where there is an ever-burning candle. In the center of both North and South Plazas there grows a banyan tree.

Today, the palace is inhabited by Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, who serves as the head of the royal families as well as chief of the Jogyakarta special province.

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